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QUARD® is an abrasion resistant steel designed to resist wear in applications used in the earth moving, construction, mining, quarrying and recycling industries. The durability of QUARD® makes it ideal for big machines used in tough conditions.


Quard® plates are produced at NLMK Clabecq Belgium, where they are treated in a state-of-the-art Quenching and Tempering unit. The slabs used are supplied by the NLMK’s Lipetsk production site. Quard® abrasion resistant plates are delivered with hardness of 400 HB (Quard® 400), 450 HB (Quard® 450) and 500 HB (Quard® 500), with thicknesses ranging from 3.2 mm to 64 mm and widths from 1,500 to 3,100 mm.

QUARD steel is designed for construction and mining equipment on the one hand for excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers, hoppers, mixers, etc., and on the other hand for machinery in very demanding industries like cement, recycling, agriculture, etc. The use of QUARD may result in product lifetime being more than tripled when compared to products made from standard grades of steel.

Available Width: 1,500–3,100 mm

Quard 400                  4–50 mm

Quard 450                  3.2–64 mm

Quard 500                  4–64 mm

Quard 550                  6-30 mm

A wide range of QUARD wear plates are available in our ready stock to meet urgent requirements of our customers.

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